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Online Reading Therapy Pricing

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Individual Session Pricing

One-on-one online Reading Specialist Therapy Sessions

Tutoring sessions are recommended twice a week for a two-month period.

  • Condensed 30-Minute Session - $30
  • Standard 45-Minute Session - $45
  • Premium 60-Minute Session - $60
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Group Session Pricing

Small-Group online Reading Specialist Therapy Sessions

Group sessions can help mimic a classroom setting and build confidence. Tutoring sessions are recommended twice a week.

*Group Sessions do not currently come in Condensed 30-Min Session size.

  • Condensed 30-Minute Session - $30
  • Standard 45-Minute Session - $45
  • Premium 60-Minute Session - $60
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Multi-Session Bundle Pricing

Individual Reading Specialist Therapy Sessions Bundled Together in 4,8, and 16 Session Packages

Bundling your Reading Specialist Therapy Sessions into multi-session packages saves time and money! Tutoring sessions are recommended twice a week. *Condensed 30-minute Sessions, and Group Sessions are not available bundled

45-Minute Session Bundles

  • Four (4) Standard 45-Minute Session Bundle - $180
  • Eight (8) Standard 45-Minute Session Bundle - $360
  • Sixteen (16) Standard 45-Minute Session Bundle - $720

60-Minute Session Bundles

  • Four (4) Premium 60-Minute Session Bundle - $240
  • Eight (8) Premium 60-Minute Session Bundle - $480
  • Sixteen (16) Premium 60-Minute Session Bundle - $960

FREE 30 Minute Introductory Session Available! Call (724) 850-7200


How it Works:

If your child is diagnosed with dyslexia or another reading difficulty, we can help! We can schedule ongoing online reading therapy sessions with our Reading Specialist tutors to improve reading and comprehension skills in all ages. During the entire lesson, one of our tutors will work with your child one-on-one and in real-time. All of the readings and activities are done just as they would be in an in-person lesson. Read more about our Online Reading Therapy.

The first 30-minute Introductory Reading Specialist Therapy Session is FREE. Email Dr. Carosso at, or call (724) 850-7200 to make your FREE Introductory Reading Specialist Session appointment.

At the Dyslexia Diagnostic & Treatment Center, our goal is to help your child achieve the most improvement in the shortest period of time. Two months of twice per week, 45-60 minute tutoring sessions are optimal for the best results, but we can work within your budget and time constraints. Reading Specialist Therapy sessions are not covered by insurance.

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You can pay online using PayPay, or your Debit or Credit card. If you have any issues with PayPal or would like an alternate means of payment, please contact Dr. Carosso at or use the contact form below.

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We offer reading therapy sessions, conducted by our Certified Reading Specialists, in a convenient virtual option. Initial assessments are preferably in-the-office but also available virtually. Our specialists can be seen virtually or in Greensburg, Monroeville, Monessen, or McCandless.

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