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A girl spelling words on a blackboard.

Guest Post: Help! My Child Struggles With Sounding Out Words

By Teresa Gretencord, Reading Specialist at the Dyslexia Diagnostic & Treatment Center Tips To Help Your Child Spell Words Big and Small Ahh, the dreaded spelling test!  Does your child struggle to hear individual sounds and phonemes in words?  This is a common problem for students who struggle with reading and especially those identified with […]

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A father helps his son with reading comprehension.

Improving Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Does Dyslexia Impact Reading Comprehension? We talk a lot about dyslexia, or the difficulty with decoding or sounding out words. It’s obvious that any child struggling to decode individual words is going to have trouble with reading comprehension. In that respect, it’s difficult to ascertain what a passage is attempting to convey if one cannot […]

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kids reading books in library

5 Things You Really Need To Know About Qualifying for Special Education for Dyslexia

1. The School District Does Not Have to Evaluate Your Child Just Because You Submit a Signed Request to Evaluate. When you submit a request for an evaluation, the school district has 15 days to meet, discuss your child’s educational needs, and provide a written response with a game plan to meet those needs. That […]

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