Online Reading Therapy Requirements

  • Operating System – Windows 7 or later / Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.8) or later
  • Processor – 2Ghz minimum
  • RAM – 4 GB minimum
  • Internet Speed – 2 mbps upload and download (wired connection highly recommended)
  • Microphone, Speakers, and webcam (internal or external)
  • Computer Chip – Intel i3, i5, or i7 (or AMD equivalent)
  • A headset with earphones and a microphone
  • A regular laptop or desktop computer is needed. iPads or other tablets are not suitable for online tutoring.
  • Google Chromebooks are also not recommended, as they will not allow for the needed video/screen sharing program.

Contact us for a link to sample computers that will work.

*The above requirements are based on the computer having a wired connection – an Ethernet cable connected to directly to the modem. If you choose to use a wireless set-up, please see the requirements for wireless connections below.

Additional Internet tutoring recommendations:

  • Touchscreen Computer (for multi-sensory activities)
  • Using the Google Chrome Browser with a separate user profile for tutoring
  • A mouse for manipulating tiles, drawing and other on-screen activities

For wireless connections: A wired connection is strongly recommended.
We recommend a minimum connection speed of 25 megabytes download and 5 megabytes upload.
You can test your home internet speed by going to If your connection is lower, you will need to make arrangements to increase your speed. If you must use wireless, the computer should be as close to the router as possible.